OIKE & Co., Ltd. is a well-established company in Kyoto, contributing to all industries through research and development and commercialization of plastic film surface treatment products and related fields. This project started with a request to create something that would make their products easier to understand and advertise. At the first meeting, they already had a clear idea of what product they wanted to promote and what they wanted to create. Because it was decided to use the TommykairaZZ dashboard for this project in collaboration with GLM, it was also important for us to make the most of the features of the dashboard to create a harmonious design.

The first step in the design process for a project like this was to learn the products we were trying to promote. What are the features of the product and what are its main selling points? We then develop the sketches, and after a series of feedbacks, we refine the design by asking what kind of situations, colors and textures would make the product shine, and then repeat the process of 2D sketches and 3D design development.

For the steering wheel design, the centerpiece of the project, the decorations and sensors were 3D molded at the same time to create an unprecedented 3D surface that fuses the design with the sensors, as well as interesting lighting.

On the passenger side of the dashboard, the graphics inspired by the traditional cloisonné weaving pattern appear on a metallic surface to symbolize Oike, which began as a manufacturer of gold and silver thread. The colors and light transmission, which are not possible with wet plating, are beautifully blended together.

The GUI design is an original design that blends well with the textile patterns, allowing the Tommykaira ZZ’s simple dashboard and advanced steering wheel to coexist. The display was further enhanced by the use of a dry AR film with low glare for the display.