We are proud to announce the launch of the GLM Mobility Scooter Concept, designed by Fortmarei.

Even though the way senior citizen interacts with their cars is often discussed as a social theme these days, in Japan, it seems that cars and Mobility scooter are rarely mentioned on the same line. Compared to cars, I feel that there are only tasteless options for mobility scooters. In this project, we designed a car that is not just a vehicle for the elderly, but a car that makes people want to drive it, even if they have to give up their car license.

The design theme of this project was “Extremely Gentle Form”. The design approach was inspired by “sphere” shape, developing the sculpture through sketches, while incorporating modern automotive trends and futuristic design thinking. We have focused on creating a coexistence of two contradictory elements: a friendly atmosphere for both passengers and pedestrians. This also contributes to the expression of these completely different characters in the same shape, whether it be a gentle or mischievous mood, depending on the color scheme.

As we proceeded with the design development, we were constantly thinking about how we wanted this car to transcend the boundaries of what it means to be a “senior citizen” and be something that the younger generation would want to drive as well. We believe that this concept is the key word in design that leads us to think of the car and the mobility scooter on the same level.