The AKXY POD concept mock-up from Asahi Kasei, designed by Fortmarei, was unveiled at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2019 Yokohama.

AKXY POD is a concept car that appeals to Asahi Kasei’s vision of coexistence with the environment and represents the future of product development and automobiles. Based on the concept of “connecting with the five senses,” it began to find a way to stimulate the five senses while fusing materials and design to create an attractive form.

Our design mission was to take what began as an interior concept development project and make it more than just a mock-up of the car’s interior, but also to make people imagine the future of the car. The design of the “capsule of natural space” was the starting point for the development of the design, and the project gained momentum.

The first thing that catches your eye is the transparent POD, reminiscent of a capsule of nature, with an image of a comfortable interior that seems to float without vibration. The interior is composed of large “rings” that stretch back and forth horizontally, and is designed to alternate between products and natural materials. The circle motif is inspired by the idea of “Harmony with the Natural Environment” and depicts the way in which the natural world, products and materials transcend the boundaries of each other. From the motif of the circle to the details of the design, we have inherited design elements from the AKXY concept car.

Once you get into the AKXY POD, you can experience the future of automobiles as Asahi Kasei envisions it, as if you were sharpening your senses in a natural space.

AKXY is a concept car project based on the theme of “contribution to automotive safety, comfort and the environment” and is equipped with automotive components from Asahi Kasei. AKXY’s first project, AKXY concept car, was developed as a drivable concept car to show the future of automobiles, the Asahi Kasei Group’s vision of “Harmony with the
Natural Environment” and the future of our product development. Ishimaru worked on this project during his time as chief designer of GLM, and it won the “German Design Award Special Mention Category 2019” .