AKXY2, by the Asahi Kasei Corporation and designed by Fortmarei, has been launched. AKXY2’s design starts from 3 key words: sustainability, society and satisfaction.

Sustainability comes from Asahi Kasei’s advanced materials and technologies and is expressed visually by a continuous, almost squircle-shaped top view. This design element is shared by all AKXY projects and represents circulation and harmony with the environment. It is the backbone of AKXY2’s design, largely defining the exterior body, canopy design and the interior space.

In our vision of a future society, people’s lives are seamlessly connected through mobile spaces. To accommodate this, AKXY2’s interior is fully customisable. Using a magnet grid embedded in the floor and a 360-degree groove in the interior sidewalls, a virtually endless variety of AKXY products can be fitted to personalise the space. Combined with AKXY2’s unique vertical opening, this allows the user to take their space wherever and go about their business, blurring the lines between inside and outside, moving and standing still.

This flexibility is housed by an exterior design that is progressive, playful and sophisticated. The body panels are finished with Asahi Kasei silver aluminium paste, highlighting the soft surfaces. In contrast to the exterior, the interior is colourful and expressive, following the theme of ‘Asahi’, which is Japanese for ‘morning sun’.

AKXY2 is designed to appeal and satisfy with a surprising and friendly expression. We designed it with the hope that it will be loved for a long time.