Kyocera’s Moeye concept car, designed by Fortmarei, was unveiled on September 29, 2020.

The Moeye is equipped with a number of Kyocera’s proprietary devices that delight the human senses of sight, touch, hearing and smell, making the car both safe and entertaining. In addition, ”optical camouflage” technology allows for partial transparency in the cockpit to widen the driver’s outward visibility.

Moeye’s design theme is ‘Time.’ This concept car is designed to embody the history of the automobile from the ‘traditional’ to Kyocera’s ‘car of the future.’ The exterior profile evokes a classic coupe, while the details and geometric form give a clear sense of the future.  While details on the exterior, such as  lights and door mirrors have been geometrically shaped to evoke a sense of the future.

The interior, which incorporates cutting-edge technology, has new shapes and warm textures that remind one of the era of hand-built craftsmanship. The cockpit features a minimalist design with a futuristic feel suitable for experiencing virtual reality. You can feel the future emerge from automotive tradition in ways that engage more of the five human senses, rather than shape and design alone.

Kyocera’s first concept car project was the one based on the Tommy Kaira ZZ, a project that Ryuhei Ishimaru designed when he was chief designer at GLM . This second project has been developed from scratch and represents Kyocera’s vision of the car of the future even more clearly.